Folding screens

- "Fujin Raijin Zu" Folding Screens (Reproduction) -
(one set is two screens)

National Treasure "Fujin Raijin Zu"

Painted by Sotatsu Tawaraya

Although there is no stamp also sign and seal in this folding screen, as a true work of Sotatsu, yet there is a masterpiece of his later years. Gold leaf is pressed to the front folding screen, Fujin are drawn to the right, Raijin on the left. Concise composition and simplified color was allowed to succeed to decorate this picture effectively.

  • Product name
    "Fujin Raijin Zu" Folding Screens
  • Written by
    Soutatsu Tawaraya
  • Owned by
    kenninji temple
  • Size
    (Height) 29cm × (Width) 14.8cm(folding screen of two panels)
  • Product ID number
  • A fixed price
    ¥6,600(Tax included.)