SENSHIN KOGEI. 50th Anniversary

It has been 50 years since we started to deliver product from
the historic area, Kyoto.

I appreciate your support for decades.

On May 19, 1972, we established "Senshin Kogei" at Kasuga-dori, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto. At that time, the only thing we had in mind was to complete creating "Bokuseki" calendar. When 2000 calendars arrived at the office, we had no idea about concrete sales plan. The founder, my father, later told me that he was just paralyzed in front of the pile of cardboard cases rather than feeling emotional.

He just started the business with his idea to make a calendar of monks' writings. For the following years, our business had been in the red and he had worried about the business.

What inspired my father at that time was the purchase order postcards recieved from customers in fall of 1972. When I became a president 20 years ago, He showed me the actual postcards and told me the story.

After that, the calendars had been gradually spread by word of mouth. There aren't any staffs who worked at the time of our founding any more. But thanks to customers who guided me, I inherited the business from my father and am so happy to celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. I am deeply grateful to all of your support.

We hope everyone see and enjoy Bokuseki through our calendars, without limiting those who have opportunity to meet Masters in temples. This is our belief since establishment.

We will continue to improve quality of our products in order to offer peaceful moments to our customers.

Thank you for your continious support and encouragement.

July 2022
Tadashi Takemoto, President and CEO of Senshin Kogei Co., Ltd.